1. Kenkenit Mikael Rock Hewn Church (The Church of St Michael) Thumb

    Kenkenit Mikael Rock Hewn Church (The Church of St Michael)

    It is located on a mountain ridge, which can be reached only on foot path, which is 14km outside Lalibela. The historic church is encircled by Juniper Trees. The weather on this mountain ridge where the monastery is located is very cold during Ethiopian Winter (wet season) and cold nights during the Ethiopian Dry season.This particular rock hewn church was carved out of solid rock during the period of Axumite Period emperor Girma Asferie (666E.C.) and Bishop Aba Mussie, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church had been the one in charge to have carved this rock hewn church. Some of the wall carvings and effigies of Arch Angels and crosses carved on the walls. These carvings resemble to the ones that are seen on the walls of Bete Golgotha and bête Mariam rock hewn churches in Lalibela.This particular monastery church is believed to have housed abundant number of ancient parchments and other ancient treasures according to our sources from the monastery’s scholars and elders of the area. There is annual Festival on November 12 (Ethiopian Date) and on June 12 (Ethiopian Date) as religious and commemoration festivals.
  2. Yemrehanna Kristos and Arbatu Ensesa Thumb

    Yemrehanna Kristos and Arbatu Ensesa

    Yimerhanne Kirstos: This church was built by King Yimrhane Kirstos, built under a deep, wide mouth head basaltic cave. Its partly hidden by trees of mountain forest, junipers are the average. Its about 42km far from Lalibela. This church is mainly known in its architectural values and paintings on its ceilings of the church and also exceptional animal religious symbolism in Art. Arbatu Ensesa: This church builte in the 4th century. Its a mid church you explore during your trek after seeing Yimrhane Kirstos to the way Bilbla Ghiorgis. According to legend, King Lalibela got his baptism in this church.
  3. Bilbala Ghiorgis Thumb

    Bilbala Ghiorgis

    Bilbala GhiorgisThis church found 30km far from Labella, its on the way to the trekking road root. Its a semi monolithic church, irregular in shape and having a rectangular plan. This church well associated in traditional significance of bees mean bees traditionally believed to be shepherding the church from theft.
  4. Genete Mariam Thumb

    Genete Mariam

    The church Genetemariam is situated 30km south - west far from Lalibela. Its a church projected saddle back ruff with a slope surface and baslica type. Nearly 5km walk from this church, we will find another church named Emme Kina Medhanialem, which is a built up cave church in the huge grottos. Its baslica, reach in paintings and decorated fascinating.
  5. Asheton Maryam Thumb

    Asheton Maryam

    Asheten MariamAsheten Mariam is found in the elevation of 2990 meters. To see Lalibela from the mountains, this place is first choice. Wonderful views over the surrounding countryside at an altitude of 3150 meters This is the first chosen mountain to see Lalibela villages from the mountain. Inside the monastery you find the 13thc hand and processional crosses of king Na’akutola’ab who ruled Ethiopia for 40 years just after king Lalibela. It will be about a 3 ½ hours walk.
  6. Abune Yosef Thumb

    Abune Yosef

    Abune YosefIn order to s reach to this though mountain there are 60kms of an enjoyable and full or 360 degrees of sites in the remarkable mountains. This in average a one day trek for to the ages of 18+. Beside the its extraordinary of richness in landscape and nature there is a rock hewn church in the area.