1. One Day Trek Poster

    One Day Trek

    1:00pm Arrive in Lalibela via Ethiopian Airlines, domestic flight or any mode of transportation
    1:30pm Lunch in Seven Olvies Hotel
    2:00pm-5:30pm Walking to Kenkenit Michael (11km outside Lalibela) and return to Lallibela

    Spend overnight at Mountain View

    9:30 Fly from Lalibela to Addis Ababa

  2. 3 Days Trek Poster

    3 Days Trek

    Day 1
    Going to Ashten Mariam Camping at Ad Dega Camping site

    Day 2
    Half day going to Abune Yosef massive mountain
    Come back from Abune Yosef and spending time in the local community
    Camping at Ad Dega

    Day 3
    Come back from Ad Dega to Lalibela
    Visiting the Rock Hewn Church of Lalibela

  3. 5 Days Trek Poster

    5 Days Trek

    Day 1
    Going to AD Dega and staying overnight there at the camping site

    Day 2
    Going to Abune Yosef ---- come back again to Ad Dega

    Day 3
    Trek to the Degosach mountain and camping there

    Day 4
    Going to Yimrhane kirstos

    Day 5
    Come back to Lalibela and see the rock hewn churches

  4. 7 Days Trek Poster

    7 Days Trek

    Day 1
    Start trek at Yimerhane Kirstos
    Camping at Degosach Mountain

    Day 2
    Going to AD Dega and camping at camping site

    Day 3
    Going to Abune Yosef and camping there

    Day 4
    Come back to Ad Dega and camping at camping site

    Day 5 Trek to Genete Mariam

    Day 6
    Seeing Ashten Mariam and Na’akuto Leab

    Day 7
    Finishing the trek while visiting the rock hewn churches at Lalibela and the old villages

  5. 10 Days Trek Poster

    10 Days Trek

    Day 1
    Trek Ad Dega and camping at camping site

    Day 2
    Trek to Abune Yosef and camping there

    Day 3
    Trek to Chebertay and camping there

    Day 4
    Trek to Degosach and camping there

    Day 5
    Trek to Yimrhane kirstos, the drove to Lalibela for camping for weather and conditioning

    Day 6
    Start again the Trekking in Lalibela to Genete Mariam and camping there

    Day 7
    Trek to Gashena and camping there

    Day 8
    Trek to Mequet and camping there

    Day 9
    Trek to so far possible to through massive mountains when the trekker got a bit tired, there are arranged cars, then, drove to Bahridar and camping in one of Hotels there

    Day 10
    Early morning go Lake Tana

  6. Paragliding Poster


    Nature itself supports paragliding tour in Ethiopia. Semien, Abune Yosef, Ashten Mariam and AD Dega mountains are well naturalistic for paragliding.